Solomons partner with DeLever to support APC candidates

Solomons Europe have recently appointed DeLever as external RICS APC support provider to assist members of the team who are currently striving to become chartered.

Completing the APC is no easy feat and traditionally candidates can find the self driven process difficult to manage, often losing momentum part way through.

In addition, the APC final assessment process can be daunting for many and as such mock assessments can be an invaluable means of helping control on the day nerves and giving a final polish to your professional persona on the day.

DeLever’s Jon Lever will personally coach the candidates through the process, offering regular mock assessments of competence in order to get those going forward for final assessment familiar with the process and format of the day.

Fingers crossed this targeted training will help ensure Solomons are able to lead candidates to a successful APC outcome!

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