Utilities – our experience

water wasteSolomons Europe have provided support to both Client and Tier 1 Contracting organisations since the AMP2 period and are currently working with successful Framework awarded Contractors under the latest AMP6 programme.

Our involvement has included:

  • Cost management support services for contracting partner on United Utilities Infrastructure Southern Alliance Framework
  • Cost management support services on Scottish Water Q&S III Framework
  • Contract administration support on Three Valleys Water AMP4 Alliance framework
  • Contract administration support on 4D Southern Water Alliance framework
  • Contract administration support on United Utilities AMP2, AMP3, and AMP4 programmes
  • Cost management support on United Utilities AX4 Northern Alliance Networks contract

Many members of our team are proficient in the use of NEC3 – the preferred utilities contract (albeit amended), and a number of our experienced consultants have undertaken the Project Manager function, leading the administration and application of the NEC3 contract in practice.

Our team understand the need to work with internal cost systems and procedures and are conversant with a number of bespoke systems including SAP, Coins, etc. We are also experienced in auditing costs under the Schedule of Cost Components to ensure correct payment application and allocation of costs to determine accurate Fee and Working Area Overhead percentages are derived and applied.

We are keen to capture lessons learned on water and wastewater and infrastructure projects and have been involved with post contract analysis and recommendations.