Our Future

Our ethos and ambition

Despite multiple challenges and economic turbulence, Solomons Europe has an eye firmly on its future.

Our ambition is to become the provider of choice across our Northern regions, giving clients complete confidence in our ability to meet their needs and making them proud to have an SME like ours involved in their project.

Our highly skilled and talented people already share this ethos and work hard to consistently exceed client expectations.

Our company values are:

  • Striving for excellence
  • Client focused
  • Being part of the bigger picture

Weathering the storm

Without furloughing or making any staff member redundant, we managed to withstand the challenges placed on our business due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Buoyed by the reopening of essential construction sites following the first nationwide lockdown, we vowed to continue our ambitious growth plans with the same resolve as before.

Our focus remains on securing opportunities on long-term frameworks that will give us the financial security and firepower to drive forward these plans.

Choosing our contracts carefully and avoiding terms or delivery objectives that we cannot fulfil or which place too high a risk on the business, we continue to make the carefully considered choices that have stood us in good stead so far, and will ensure our continued success.

Long-term regional commitment

We have made some significant commitments to growth and job creation across the North and have an established track record of bringing out the best in our people. And we will continue to provide the support they need to drive the business forward and develop their careers at the same time.

Passionate about continuous improvement, we instil the need for professional CPD in our teams; investing in the provision of focused and accessible training workshops, tutorials and guidance notes, created both in house and with external consultants from both professional and academic institutions.

Resilience and adaptability are at our core. Ensuring our people can be the best they can be will enable us to ride the tangible mood for change in our industry: a change that we are also keen to drive forward.

Reskilling, employment, entrepreneurship and personal health and wellbeing also form part of our social impact philosophy.

Through long-term investment in our people and our regions, we hope to play a role in creating more resilient local economies and a better, more sustainable industry.

It is no longer practical to see a company's clients, people and social impact as separate functions. These elements are an inextricably linked ecosystem that must work together for the whole to be truly successful.

Papcastle Pays It Forward

Our values as a business also form the foundations of our strong cultural philosophy, in particular when it comes to being part of the bigger picture.

Furthering our expansion in Cumbria and anchored in our Pay It Forward initiative, we transformed a disused warehouse near Cockermouth into a creative space where like-minded companies seeking a vibrant office environment can grow and develop with us.

Earmarked as a "centre of excellence" and supporting various Northern Powerhouse initiatives, we are offering our striking Papcastle Depot as a stepping-stone for start-ups in the region.

We have already gifted a three-year rent-free period to social enterprise and recruitment brokerage All Together Cumbria, giving them a supportive and inspiring space from which their team can progress their important community-focused goals.

We are also proud to be active participants in the Constructing Excellence agenda; building a strong SME network of champions who are committed to doing business well.

As an entrepreneurial business, we do take risks, but we do this from an informed perspective. We have a responsibility to our staff to protect their jobs and incomes, and we also, personally, have ‘skin in the game’. As a Board we are part of the business, not faceless shareholders without accountability. Right at the very top level it's our own homes and assets on the line if we make a wrong decision. That means we never take success for granted; it can only come with focus and determination. And we always look to ensure we have the necessary backup plans in place, just in case we need to take a change in direction.

Dominic Doig, Managing Director, Solomons Europe

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