Our Philosophy

In a new world of work Solomons Europe is excited to move forward and evolve our business accordingly.

We have always been known as a business that excels in the development of our people, and this brand needs to accelerate as our learning culture becomes synonymous with future thinking people. Similarly, there’s a strong ethical drive to ensure that businesses deliver meaningful social value, enhanced sustainability and that they spend money wisely to achieve optimal socioeconomic benefit.

This dual function fuels the need to make conscious, respectful choices - supporting the people within the business, and their local communities, whilst imaginatively and actively supporting client project goals. To do this we are supporting our teams, via our Future Skills Academy to develop the varied skills and expertise to directly influence and create more socially aware project delivery models.

Engaging at all levels of the construction and engineering supply chain we are able to actively encourage greater collaboration and adopt innovative procurement approaches.

Our mission is to put the People, Planet, Profit, or 3P’s approach into practice; fostering collaborative project approaches and partnerships, building better futures for our local communities and supply chains, and to leave positive lasting legacies for the next generation and beyond.

Our Purpose

To continually enhance our learning culture and develop a future focused team who achieve successful project outcomes for our clients, which deliver not only commercial success but also socioeconomic benefit and enhanced sustainability.

Our Vision

To foster collaborative approaches and innovations on projects to achieve real results, building a better future for our industry by harnessing the power of project supply chains, and leaving a positive legacy in the regions we operate in for the next generation and beyond.

Our Mission

We will strive to enhance our team with the skills, expertise, resilience, and resourcefulness needed to directly support more socially aware project delivery models. We will engage at all levels of the construction and engineering supply chain to actively encourage greater collaboration and innovative procurement approaches: approaches that both promote and enable better and more sustainable outcomes within the context of People, Profit, Planet – the 3Ps.

Our Values

Striving for excellence

Our people are open to change to keep learning and developing throughout their careers. Excellence means being the best we can be - knowing our limitations in order that we can seek out new knowledge and experiences to continually drive improvement.

Client focused

Our business exists to serve our clients. Our focus is always to offer the highest standards of service. We aim to keep abreast of change and an eye on the future to bring innovation and ideas to every project. Treating our client’s money as our own is a valuable reminder of the need to fully understand our client’s commitments and constraints, so that we can be proactive in reducing commercial risks and achieving project success.

Being part of the bigger picture

Understanding the bigger picture means we can be ready for future challenges and opportunities. Sharing knowledge and learning within our teams and working collaboratively with our clients, supports both personal and business success. We all rely on each other to help build a strong, sustainable, and responsible business for all our futures - be that to achieve personal career aspirations or finding opportunities to leave a positive legacy in the regions and communities where we work.

Papcastle Pays It Forward

Our values as a business also form the foundations of our strong cultural philosophy, in particular when it comes to being part of the bigger picture.

Furthering our expansion in Cumbria and anchored in our Pay It Forward initiative, we transformed a disused warehouse near Cockermouth into a creative space where like-minded companies seeking a vibrant office environment can grow and develop with us.

Earmarked as a "centre of excellence" and supporting various Northern Powerhouse initiatives, we are offering our striking Papcastle Depot as a stepping-stone for start-ups in the region.

We have already gifted a three-year rent-free period to social enterprise and recruitment brokerage All Together Cumbria, giving them a supportive and inspiring space from which their team can progress their important community-focused goals.

We are also proud to be active participants in the Constructing Excellence agenda; building a strong SME network of champions who are committed to doing business well.

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