Meet the 2023 team Solomons awards winners: The Special Recognition honour goes to... Mike Millett

The 2023 Solomons Special Recognition award goes to Contract Executive, Mike Millett

What the nominators said…
We already knew Mike was awesome; an NEC® guru, fabulous trainer and all-round brilliant guy. However, he has totally blown the team away with his compelling and comprehensive NEC Handbook. Not only is it an incredibly useful resource, but it is also very versatile: it can be used as pre reading prior to training, it can be delivered as modules, it’s a practical “how to” guide for Quantity Surveyors at all levels. It’s just marvellous. I’m sure everyone appreciates Mike ‘Paying it Forward’ in such a creative and useful way.

What the judges said…
This year’s Special Recognition Award could not be going to a more deserving recipient. Naturally, Mike won’t think so, as he prefers to keep his achievements under wraps! The publication of his NEC® Handbook is a tangible illustration of the hard work and effort Mike consistently and quietly puts into his role at Solomons, in addition to supporting and encouraging colleagues in their professional development. This document will prove to be a crucial resource for those in Solomons and beyond. Mike will be quick to credit others for their contributions, but hopefully allow himself a quiet smile and take pride in thinking “I did that”. We are both grateful and proud of this fantastic piece of work.

What Mike said…
It’s astonishing to win the award. This started off as a very small idea a long time ago. With some gently persuasion from Ian (Hedley) we went about how we could meld 20 years of NEC presentations into a book. To see it now finally in print is absolutely wonderful. I think it is something that will hopefully be of help to everyone within the company. I’m really very, very proud of it.

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