Who Wants to be ENTREPRENEUR!?

Solomons Europe are 20 years old this year and to celebrate this landmark anniversary, the company is setting aside a £20,000 Investment Fund to offer eligible Cumbrian businesses and Entrepreneurs in their first three years of trading, to kick start or grow their fledgling business idea.

We are inviting applications from all eligible start up businesses in the region with 0 – 3 years trading experience, who would benefit from an injection of cash of up to £5000 to help them to grow and flourish.

Applicants will need to be ready to make their pitch for funding in front of a panel of 5 business professionals, who listen to their plans and ideas to determine who they beleive will acheive growth and success. Only those who convince the panel will receive one of up to 4 loan awards, and will maintain links with the panel to provide support and encouragement through the 3 year period.