Solomons Europe Insider Insights 2 – Get up to speed on NEC4® Amendments 2023

Anyone who has worked with Solomons or keeps an eye on our website blogs and social media will now we’re big advocates of NEC4® – in fact NEC® in general!

NEC4 brought a fresh and proactive approach

NEC© Insights Snapshot Series Part 1.1: The focus on building collaborative relationships

New to NEC®? Have no fear, we’ve got you covered with this new NEC® Insight Snapshot series from our team in-house experts.

Over six bite sized editions, we’ll help you get to grips with the ethos

NEC© Insights Snapshot Series Part 2.1: Getting to grips with NEC® terminology

Ensuring simplicity and clarity for users is encapsulated in some clear principles common across the NEC® suite of contracts. In the second in our NEC® Insight Snapshot Series our expert team walks

NEC© Insights Snapshot Series Part 2.2: Demystifying dates to ensure project success

In this third edition of our NEC® Insight Snapshot Series we focus on demystifying NEC® terminology when it comes to dates. Put simply, understanding what they mean is critical to project success.

NEC© Insights Snapshot Series Part 2.3: Don't be "floaty" when it comes to knowledge of floats

You can’t afford to be “floaty” when it comes to NEC® terminology! In this fourth instalment of our NEC® Insight Snapshot Series our crack team of experts help you get to grips with the various types

NEC© Insights Snapshot Series Part 3.1: Getting to know the purpose of contract components

Each component of the NEC® suite of contracts has its own purpose. Understanding what they do ensures the right one in deployed at the right time. In this fifth instalment of our NEC® Insight Snapshot

NEC© Insights Snapshot Series Part 3.2: Tackling the subject of past, present and future

In this last edition of the NEC® Insight Snapshot Series, the weighty subject of the past, present and future are tackled. Our in-house NEC® experts explain why comprehensive detail and accuracy are

Solomons' John Rossiter reveals crucial role NEC4® contracts are playing in 20-year PPP programme

Our Executive Director and Supply Chain Commercial Lead for Programme and Project Partners John Rossiter spoke to about the key role NEC4® contracts are playing in the delivery of the £

Could your project get a boost from adopting a proactive approach?

The NEC4® Project Delivery Model brings a fresh and proactive approach to the delivery of new construction projects and maintenance works.

Adopting the right model could mean the difference between

Coronavirus and construction contracts – how to handle the fall out

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to hit the construction industry.

Having been asked by several clients, North East Regional Director Ian Hedley takes a look at the possible

Extensions of time under NEC3® – we do the hard graft and explain all

Why are we talking about “extension of time” instead of “completion date”?

What do you need to know the ins and outs of this subtle difference when talking a project under an NEC3® project?

Have no

NEC4® unwrapped – our observations on the key commercial changes

Solomons Europe joined a large delegation of industry professionals to attend the NEC® Users Group’s Annual Seminar in London, where the main attraction was the much-anticipated launch of NEC4®.


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