Pricing compensation events under NEC3® - what you need to know

As the saying goes, “you don’t know what you don’t know”.

Estimating uncertainty in construction is nothing new.

But things work a little different when it comes to tackling the issue under the new

Why always me? The Balotelli approach to applications for payment

Footballing bad boy Mario Balotelli’s unhappy year at Liverpool has come to an end.

As details emerge of his contract conditions – particularly those related to good behaviour – we look at the

Demystifying the NEC3® working area overhead

The percentage for working area overheads has been around for more than 20 years.

But during that time the construction industry’s costs systems have changed a lot.

Here, we demystify the NEC3® 

Have you got what it takes to be an excellent NEC3® Project Manager?

The role of Project Manager is critical to the success of fulfilling an NEC3® contract.

But what skills and experience does it take to make an excellent Project Manager?

What are the key aspects of

Ten things to consider when notifying a compensation event under NEC3®

Compensation events under NEC3® can be fraught with difficulty.

A delay to a project may not only push back completion dates but also result in additional payments.

Here, we highlight ten key issues

Is NEC3® Option C clear enough when assessing the amount due?

The recent economic climate may have seen a degree of procurement strategy regression from some corners.

Yet Option C (target contract with activity shcedule) remains one of the most popular forms of

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